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new online casinos 2014This web site may be about new poker sites in 2014 but many of you will also be interested in the newest online casinos in 2014. New online casinos are launched all of the time. They take little to no effort compared to a poker room. Casinos do not have to build up traffic or anything like that. The new USA online casinos featured on this site will not be the generic network casinos that use the same platform and thus the same games as 100 of others. New, unique U.S. casinos in 2014 are much rarer but there care several that are worth mentioning. Stand-alone casinos are all the same. There are 5 major software providers so the thousands of casinos online in 2014 can be boiled down to just 5 unique casinos. There are exceptions though. Some gambling companies can afford to develop their own software or use a network's platform but customize it and add new games. Developing a unique platform or even just customizing an existing one is very expensive so only the largest gambling companies do so. This is why some of the best new casinos online in 2014 are part of a multi-service gambling site. is a good example. They are the top US poker site, sportsbook and arguably the best US casino. Their casino has around 300 games, many of them found no where else. BetOnline is much the same. They are a leading US poker room, sportsbook, skill game and they have 3 new casinos rolled up into one. They are the leading live dealer casino for U.S. players in 2014. Their standard casino includes two different platforms with many unique games. They also have bonuses for life, casino cashback and will give you $25 to try at the live dealer online casino. The girls who deal the cards and spin the wheels are insanely hot and you will find chatting with them pretty interesting. I have recently added several of the newest online casinos in 2014 and they each accept players from the USA and you can claim several no deposit bonuses in 2014 at each. These 2014 no deposit casinos like Golden Cherry will give you $20 no deposit bonus or $333 free for 33 minutes, after which you keep the winnings.

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2014 new poker Sites uSA - Guide to New independent and networked U.S. poker rooms

The section below will contain reviews of our featured new US online casinos in 2014. The thing to remember about USA friendly casinos is that easy deposit methods and fast payouts play a big role. In Europe they come standard but Americans have a more difficult time depositing and withdrawing money. Seven states in the USA have legalized online poker sites and casinos but only a few licenses have been issues and only residents of the particular stats - Nevada and Delaware - are allowed to play for real money. Several large US states are expected to legalize and regulate online gambling in 2014, including Illinois (my home state), California (the most populated state) and Texas (#2 in terms of population). I hope that their collective power with be enough to goad the federal government into catching up with the times. I recently added a Full Flush Poker review for 2014. Full Flush is a new US poker room on a new network. They do have a casino so you could argue that they are the newest online casino for Americans in 2014.

Bovada Casino Review 2014

The Bovada Casino is a powerhouse. The web site houses the largest new U.S. poker site in 2014 and the most popular U.S. sportsbook. This casino has around 300 games, many of them unique to Bovada. The best thing about this casino isn't the casino games or the huge progressive jackpots. It is the banking. Bovada accepts many U.S. friendly deposit methods and will even cover the fees on Moneygram or Western Union deposits over $300. This isn't the best thing though, the payouts are. has the resources and the incentive to pay very quickly because they have millions of sports betting and poker playing customers in the USA. Check cashouts at Bovada are sent via Fedex or DHL and typically arrive in less than a week. This is from the time you submitted, not when it was "processed". Bovada doesn't play those games. Moneygram and Western Union payouts can take up to 5 days but are often available in 1-2. Use our special bonus link and the codes outlined below for the best Bovada Casino bonuses in 2014.